The Importance of Product Testing

Published August 25, 2019

The Importance of Cannabinoid Lab Testing

Responsible cannabis product manufacturers provide the public with test results that validate both the contents of the product, and the safety and purity of the product.  Cannabinoid concentration (i.e., 850mg/30ml) is very important in helping patients understand how to control the dosage of a product in order to use cannabis products safely. These tests can also help customers ensure they are getting what they pay for. If a product is marketing as a 750mg CBD product, it’s important that the manufacturer of the product support that claim with test results.

In addition to cannabinoid content testing, manufacturers must provide contaminant testing results as well. Cannabis is susceptible to anything from pests and pesticides to mold and mildew. Frequent testing is not required by the FDA, but it is critical that cannabis products are regularly tested for contaminants to ensure the safety of the products for consumers.

Potential Cannabis Contaminants:

  • Pathogenic fungi can grow on the plant during the harvest and curing phase, and are toxic and carcinogenic when ingested.

  • As there are no regulatory guidelines for the use of pesticides, there is no way to determine what a ‘safe’ pesticide concentration level is. Further, because the cannabis plant is often concentrated (for oils and other delivery mechanisms), there is a risk of high levels of pesticide contamination

  • Solvents are used in the extraction process of oil from cannabis plant matter. They should not be present in the final product, regardless of what extraction process is used.

  • The cannabis plant is extremely efficient at absorbing heavy metals from the soil it’s grown in. In fact, the cannabis plant has been researched as a tool for cleaning up environmental sites with excessive heavy metal soil content. Cannabis products should be tested for heavy metals that might be absorbed by the plant as it grows.

Having sufficient lab testing results for all these areas is critical in maintaining the health of the cannabis industry as well as the health of the consumers it serves.

General Safety

People who are relying on cannabis products as part of their daily routine should be able to depend that they can safely take the product with a high degree of certainty.  Regardless of a persons reason for taking a cannabis product, there is a reasonable expectation that the products you are using will be free from carcinogens, pesticides and other harmful toxins. When independent scientific lab testing is done, there is a higher guarantee that the product you are receiving is safe, correctly labeled, and containing the right dosage.

Independent Lab Testing

As there are no regulations that require frequent testings, it is the responsibility of the cannabis industry to ensure that the products are safe for consumers. The testing and results conducted by professionals at independent labs are crucial in the ongoing health and success of the cannabis industry. With cannabis products emerging as a highly competitive market, making sure that the products you receive are quality tested is essential.

Testing helps to analyze the safety, effectiveness and quality of the cannabis products. Some areas that are analyzed are:

  • The potency of the cannabis product to determine the exact amount of cannabinoids present

  • That the product is free of residual solvents or chemicals used in the extraction process

  • That the product is free of pesticides sometimes used in the growing process

We guarantee that all of our products are free from harmful contaminants and undergo frequent testing to ensure that you are receiving the best quality product available. Want to see the lab results of your product?

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