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We know there’s a lot of CBD information now and it’s hard to know what’s true. We’ve answered our FAQs here but for more on cannabis-related science and facts-based news, please visit THE SCIENCE and LEARN MORE or contact us! We’re here for you.

We do. Click here to view tests by batch number.

Our team is supported by experts with decades of combined experience developing medicinal cannabis derived products. We believe health and healing are inextricably tied together, and we are guided by three principles:

  • All natural products are critical to the maintenance of overall health
  • Superior product development is based on both clinical and observational scientific methods
  • Our customers are the most important source of feedback we have

Our products use whole plant hemp extract which is necessary to achieve the entourage effect, and to give users the most benefit. Our added proprietary blends are based on years of research which increase the overall efficacy of our products.

Yes. BLENDED blends are hemp derived products, and are 100% legal in the United States.

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